​We grow Lisbon lemons, which we supply all year round, but the main season is October to March. Lisbons are firm and juicy, perfect for cooking or for garnish on a plate. Try some of Deb's Delicious Desserts recipes and you'll see for yourself.


​Our limes are prolific from April to July. Delicious in dishes and drinks, the skin colour tends to yellow in the cold weather, but inside they are as tart and green as you'd expect a lime to be. Check out the Deb's Delicious Desserts page for a divine Lime Pannacotta recipe to see just how yummy our limes can be!


​We can't keep up with the demand for our award winning delicious Clos Riant Sauvignon Blanc!​​​ If you want to get your hands on a bottle of our popular vino, you will need to order early to secure your supplies (it's extremely popular). Bottling takes place in November each year.​​​​​​​​​​